Welcome to Louisiana Contra and Squares

Don't be shy, cher! Come and laisse le bon temps rouler!

Come dance with us, you don't need a partner and we truly welcome beginners.
Every event is preceded with a 15 mn short lesson, and all dances are "called" (i.e. cued throughout) and walked through beforehand anyway!



Contras and squares are a very gentle and low impact form of exercise.

Everyone dances with everyone else, so this is also a good way to meet new people and make new friends.


All events are with live music but still very affordable (usually $5 in Lafayette and $6 in Baton Rouge).


Please visit our Events page for a calendar and details, and More Info for links and pictures.


You can also watch videos of past dances on YouTube, and see the latest and chat with us on FaceBook



Watch this short video for an introduction to Louisiana Contras & Squares.




Many thanks to Tekhead for hosting this site!